Before you proceed, please read carefully the following instructions:

  • Payment should be made through M-PESA.
    • Dial *150*00#
    • Select 4. Payments
    • Enter the business number (607070)
    • Enter reference No. (1234)
    • Enter Amount (10,000/= if transcript is to be collectedly at NACTE Headquarter or 15,000 if the transcript is to be collected at NACTE Zonal Offices)
    • Enter PIN
    • Press 1 to Confirm:
  • After confirmation you will receive a message from Vodacom (e.g. "3GQ05BR3F4 28-07-2016 14:41:31 Pay bill to 607070 - NACTE acc. 1234 607070 - NACTE Completed TZS Tsh-10,000.00"). *Use the code at the beginning of the message to enter on payment details text box (3GQ05BR3F4).
  • Those who coll
  • Make sure you have recent colored passport size ( 35mm x 45mm ) having white blue/sky blue background.
  • Once come to collect, come with IDS and other certificates.
  • Keep checking for the status once the request is successively submitted. You will be notified through your profile or e-mail/Mobile phone.
  • In case you face any difficult, please contact us through or call: +255 677 004 202;

Have you received your academic certificate?