Technical Teacher Registration System


Before you proceed, please read carefully the following instructions:

This system allow to register Technical Teachers

  • Payment should be made through M-PESA. (Non refundable)

    • Dial *150*00#
    • Select 4. Payment
    • Select 5. Government Payment
    • Select 1. Control Number
    • Enter the Control number (991120000898)
    • Enter PIN
    • Press 1 to Confirm:

  • Baada ya kutuma utapokeo ujumbe kutoka katika mfumo wa malipo ya Serikali (Mfano "Malipo yamepokelewa kwenda National Council for Technical Education Ankara Na: 991120000032 Kiasi: 10000 TZS Risiti Na: 99005046302 Tarehe: 2018-08-09T19:41:47 Kupitia:EC100222214695IP.").
    *Tumia Risiti Namba uliyotumiwa kuingiza kwenye kiboxi cha uthibitisho wa malipo(99005046302).

  • If this is your first time to apply for registration, Registration fee is Tshs 20,000/=.Payed through M-PESA but if already registered and applied for renewal the fee is Tshs 20,000/=
  • Make sure you have recent colored passport size ( 35mm x 45mm ) having white blue/sky blue background.
  • Once application successful, you will be notified through your profile. Please keep checking the status for any updates.
  • For any assistance , please contact us through, call :


To apply for Technical Teacher Registration you must follow the below link to proceed.
If this is your first time click here to start your application.
If you are already registered please click here to view registration status or renew registration