Technical Teacher Registration System


Before you proceed, please read carefully the following instructions:

This system allow to register Technical Teachers

  • Payment should be made through M-PESA. (Non refundable)

    • Dial *150*00#
    • Select 4. Payments
    • Enter the business number (607070)
    • Enter reference No. (1234)
    • Enter Amount (e.g 20,000/= for new applicant or 20,000/= for renewal registration)
    • Enter PIN
    • Press 1 to Confirm:

  • After confirmation you will receive a message from Vodacom (e.g. "3GQ05BR3F4 28-07-2016 14:41:31 Pay bill to 607070 - NACTE acc. 1234 607070 - NACTE Completed TZS Tsh-20,000.00"). *Use the code at the beginning of the message to enter on payment details text box (3GQ05BR3F4).
  • If this is your first time to apply for registration, Registration fee is Tshs 20,000/=.Payed through M-PESA but if already registered and applied for renewal the fee is Tshs 20,000/=
  • Make sure you have recent colored passport size ( 35mm x 45mm ) having white blue/sky blue background.
  • Once application successful, you will be notified through your profile. Please keep checking the status for any updates.
  • For any assistance , please contact us through or call: +255 653 973 530, +255 652 242 019, +255 652 502 397.


To apply for Technical Teacher Registration you must follow the below link to proceed.
If this is your first time click here to start your application.
If you are already registered please click here to view registration status or renew registration